The Sleep Wellness Center Of NY was established by a team of cardiologists, pediatricians, pulmonologists and internists to address the growing need for research, diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.

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Full Restorative Sleep is Essential to good health and well-being
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Over 40 Million Americans suffer from a sleep disorder, The impact on the national medical bill is estimated at 16 billion dollars. Indirect costs due to lost productivity, auto and industrial accidents is estimated to be even larger.

One of the common characteristics of most sleep disorders is that this condition goes unrecognized by both physicianst and patient. Many who suffer from sleep disorders are unaware of their condition; the cascade of negative effects it places upon health and well being is serious and often life-threatening.

To label a child with ADD when it's chronic sleep deprivation is not a mistake, it's a tragedy. ADD and Chronic Sleep Deprivation exhibit nearly identical symptoms in children and adolescents. As with ADD, pediatric sleeping disorders make children irritable, act out and create behavioral issues.

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